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This is for a CUSTOM, one of a kind Menorah for your festival of light celebrations. Pictured is a 22 inch natural slate Menorah. We have several types of beautiful natural stones available for these Candles. We will show different Rocks to pick from before we custom make yours.

Stone Menorahs will use traditional Lamp Oil and will burn approximately 2-3 hours when full. We can do 7 or 9 branch menorahs. Custom Orders will take 3 to 5 business days to complete and ship out. Candles will ship with tracking and insurance

Candles shown are Slate and Onyx


Please email or call us directly at 928-231-0195  before purchasing.

I will show you photos of the type of rocks available and pricing for each one.

Call Patti at 928-231-0195


Each rock candle comes with forever wicks, brass wick holders, funnel for filling, starter bottle of lamp oil, and instruction card.


How to fill your Forever Rock Candle:

1. Remove the wick and brass wick holder completely.

2. Fill candle with 3 - 4 funnels full of lamp oil, burns 2 - 3 hours when full.

3. Bring the brass wick holder to the bottom of the wick to guide it back into the candle.

4. Adjust the wick manually by twisting and pushing it down, you want your wick very low when burning a quarter inch or less showing. Higher the wick higher the flame will be.

5. Light and enjoy your candle! When oil is burned through, your flame will extinguish itself and just refill for next time. You can blow it out like a regular candle as well.


Types of Lamp Oil to Use: Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil, Firefly Clean Lamp Oil, Tiki/Citronella Lamp Oil, Olive Oil/Sunflower Oil/Castor Oil, Scented Lamp Oil.

Add 4-6 drops of pure essential oil to any clean burning lamp oil when filling.


**Places to buy Lamp Oil: Amazon, Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby, Internet


***Wicks are Synthetic Fiberglass and do not burn away over time. Do not Trim your wick. Please contact us for replacement wicks/funnels.


*Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of Reach of Pets and Children. Forever Rock Candles is not responsible for improper use of Rock Candle and accessories*


Each Rock Candle is Hand Crafted. Unique in size, shape and beauty. Rocks can be naturally flawed, these slight differences are what make each piece one of a kind.

CUSTOM MADE: Oil Burning Menorah - Hanukah Chanukah | Jewish Holiday Gift |

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