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How do I fill my Rock Candle?

Pull out the wick, try to keep the wick and brass wick holder together. Use the funnel to carefully pour the ultra pure paraffin lamp oil (or similar) into the candle. Most candles will take 3-4 funnels full of oil to fill it completely. One funnel of lamp oil is approximately one hour of burn time. Bring the brass wick holder to the bottom of the wick and slide it back into the hole. You only want a ¼” or less of the wick showing before lighting the candle. If your rock candle has multiple wicks, each reservoir will need to be filled. 

My Candle flame is too high. 
You want your wick very low, only about ¼” or less should be peeking out the top from your candle. The higher the wick the higher the flame. You can bring your wick up a smidgen higher for outside, lower for inside. The higher the flame the more quickly you will burn through the lamp oil. 

Where can I purchase Lamp Oil? 
We recommend using  Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp oil. It is the cleanest burning lamp oil on the market, brands such as LampLight or Firefly. It can be purchased at Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby or online retailers such as Amazon. 

You can use Tiki Torch with Citronella oil for outside. 

You can add essential oils or potpourri oils to add a scent (alcohol based only) put a few drops in while filling the rock candle with the ultra pure paraffin lamp oil. 

How do I put out my Rock Candle? 
You can blow it out like a regular candle or once the oil is gone the candle will go out by itself. Just refill the next time you want to use it. 

Will my Rock Candle get hot or damage surfaces? 
It will get warm to the touch, always use caution when picking up or refilling a rock candle that was just burning. It won't get hot enough to damage any tables or counter tops. The rocks will get more hot from being in the sun outside then from actually burning. 

Do I need to trim or replace my wick? 
The wicks that came with your rock candle are fiberglass, they do not get hot enough to burn, so they will not burn down over time. It is normal for them to become blackened at the top but you do not need to trim them to produce a beautiful flame. 

I lost or damaged my wick, funnel and/or brass wick holder. 
We recommend using a fiberglass wick over a cotton wick. You can buy replacements directly from our website along with the brass wick holder. We do not recommend glass wick holder, they can shatter from heat of the flame or when dropped. 
The funnels are called perfume or flask funnels. They can be found in the kitchen section of Ace Hardware or on our website. 

I can't get my Rock Candle to Light or stay lit. 
First, make sure your candle has oil, you might need to add more lamp oil. If your wick feels dry to the touch or will not stay lit, you need to add more lamp oil. Are you using the proper type of lamp oil or the proper type of wick? Please see above for answers to these questions. 

My Rock Candle is getting blackened around the flame. 
Carbon build up from the flame is naturally going to happen. You can take a damp cloth or wet wipe to clean the area in between uses. This can also happen from misuse of rock candle by letting the flame burn to high. 

** Always practice fire safety when using your rock candle**
** Do not leave burning unattended and always follow instructions**
for more questions call us at (928) 231-0195

4 Wick Rock Candle on coffee table with wine
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